Following in the steps of out first event last year, the Parachutists Under Phorty Society are please to announce the dates for our PUPS 2020 event, this summer, at the amazing Skydive Pink Klatovy.

For those who don't know us, the aim of the society is to develop the next generation of the FS bigway community, organise events where we can come together for some fun jumps and continue to build some new records!

The event will run from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August 2020, with organising offered on the 1st and 2nd August for those who want to warm up. We want the event to not only be successful but also to be inclusive, and therefore we will have 3 groups:

PUPS Group

For those under 40 who already have the ability to build some funky shapes
- with Ciaran Mc Cartney, Raphaelle BSH and Marino "Mars" Kalligas as LO.

Puppies groups

For those under 40 who want to gain the experience they need to take part in the record
- working with the amazing Marco Arrigo!
Note that Puppies could very well become PUPs throughout the event.

Young Soul Dogs

For those over 40 who still believe they are 25 year old but would not pass the ID test
- lead by Ronny Holen.

We want to build as large formations as possible, with safety in mind. Less experienced participants showing great progress will get to jump larger formations during the week.


We are working hard to keep costs to a bare minimum for the participants. You only pay the price per jump, and for the 2020 season this is estimated at 33 Euro. The registration fee is 150 EUR. There is also some extra costs for the jumps with oxygen. All details will be confirmed prior to the selection process starts.

For more details check out the FAQ


The inn-hopp jump is back with another adventurous jump! Rough details are briefed just before takeoff.


Evening dinners and parties are organised to make sure everyone gets to meet each other.


We have booked rooms for 80 participants at the very best hotel in Klatovy.

40 - 60 ways

We are going bigger than before and we are working on a 64 or 66way signature dive. We also plan on splitting into two 33ish groups to do some smaller funky shapes and sequentials.


Klatovy is famous for their fantastic jumpships, with strong engines and fantastic pilots. For this event we will play with two of them, and possibly a third, but it might also be a super caravan to lift us on the largest formations.

O2 jumps

Some of the record jumps might require extra altitude, and all planes are therefore set up for Oxygen supply. We have the possibility to go to 18000 AGL and will use this possibility when we see the need for it. The DZ have an excellent routine for this, and we have routines that is proven, so there is no stress.

Sunset jumps

First take off is at 0900 and we will be jumping until sunset, aiming for 5 jumps each day. It will be long days, but all you need is on the DZ and we will make sure you are hydrated and fed. The pool is also refreshing on warm days, so bring your towel.

Big landing

The grassy strip is 200 meter wide and stretches for one kilometer. It is huge, and you can land anywhere as long as you land safe. There are also lots of optional fields around the airport if it is needed.

Balloon jumps

There might be possibilities for balloon jumps during the week, if it doesn't influence the other jumps.

The organisers

Plane Captains: Ciaran and Raphaelle. Two excellent skydivers will be with the PUPS on the ground, on the planes and in the sky. Watching, monitoring, coaching. Most likely with two big grins on their faces

Marco Arrigo will be our coach for the PUPS bigway camp. The performers on this group might end up with a PUPS world record during the week…

Ronny will organize the Friends of PUPS (aka Young Sould Dogs), the group that have turned the magical 40 candles on the birthday cake.

Raphaelle Barbier Saint Hilaire

I am that French girl living and jumping in the UK, competing in both 4-way and 8-way at the British Nationals and even representing GB at World Cups events. So I am naturally also part of the Brits contingence when taking part in big ways events! But don’t let that foul you – I still love cheese and speak with an “adorable” (annoying if you ask me) accent.

Last year, I joined the Women on Wings and broke the women sequential world record several times in a row, and this past October I was part the Sequential Games team who completed the 2-point total break 130-way world record.

I always say I am a lucky skydiver who has met the best people at the best times, and that’s exactly why I think PUPs’ aim to give young skydivers a chance to met each other while gaining big way experience is an fantastic idea. I am super excited to join this awesome team of organisers, and can’t wait to met you all!

Ciaran Mc Cartney

I was previously a member of the Irish 4 way national team and have been involved in bigways for several years.

Largest successful formation was a 3 point 217way. Many of my most enjoyable jumps are when we put a team of skydivers together and the quality of jumps improves with each skydive and the team working together.

Along with a good friend, I organise regularly in Spain and love coaching at all levels.

The idea of bringing young skydivers together for a PUPs event, is a great idea and I'm delighted to be part of the awesome team!

Marino Kalligas aka "Mars."

Mars is a USPA AFF Instructor and Coach, focused primarily on belly sequential formations. He is also a Tunnel Instructor at Madrid Fly.

He is a current World Record holder after the Two Point 130 Way Full Break Large Formation Sequential, and was also part of the 128 Way Sparkling Jewel formation. He impressed all the oldies with his great mood and winning personality, and he is a perfect match for our PUPS LO team.

He has organised smaller national sequential records in Spain, and he aims to always have the most fun possible while keeping the jumps safe and effective.

Ronny Holen

Marco Arrigo



What does PUPS stand for?
Parachutists Under Phorty Society

How can I get more information?
This website, the Facebook event page and the closed Facebook group for registered team members.

When is PUPS 2020?
3 August 2020 through 7 August 2020.

What’s the goal of the event?
That we are all safe and leave after a fun week with no injuries. If we deserve it we will leave with at least one unofficial PUPS world record.

When do we meet?
0830 Monday morning the 3th of August is the official opening of the event. We might start even earlier in the morning the rest of the week, if we see that as appropriate.

When do we quit for the day?
Expect long days and a lot of waiting. If there is a blue hole coming we are going to wait for it and jump if safe to do so. Dinner is normally around 1930 in the evening and we will do what we can to be done by then.

What is the release time on the final day?
The release time on the final day is no later than 1600 finished at Manifest. Some stay longer and there will be LOs available for fun jumping.

What gear/paperwork should I bring with me?
Logbook, valid/current skydiving licence (home country license is good for Klatovy), insurance (strongly recommended), rig, helmet, goggles (if needed), altimeter, jumpsuit(s), weight belt. The normal stuff 🙃. We recommend you carry on your jumpsuit and documents and anything you feel is not possible to borrow/replace if lost by the airline.

Where to stay/what accommodations are available?
We would like to have as many of you as possible in the hotel we have booked (http://www.statek-ceskalipa.cz/). This hotel hold 90 beds and charge about 30 Euro per night per person. There are very few single rooms, so you will most likely share with a friend. We will also have lower cost options available at the bunkhouse at the DZ. More info on this will be posted in the Facebook group. All bookings for accommodation is done through the LO team.

Where can I find information about Skydive Pink Klatovy (host DZ)?

Where can I see an overhead image of the dropzone?
Can be found here: http://www.pinkskyvan.com/klatovy.htm/

How much cash should I plan to bring? In what currency (Euro or Czech Koruna)?
You get a far way with Euro but some local shops may give change in Czech Koruna (CZK). How much is hard to say, but you get far with 20 Euro per day for food and drinks. You can withdraw money from your account in Manifest.

What do we do about jump tickets/how much do they cost?
When you get to the DZ you put money or credit card details into your account. When you are done jumping you check out and pay for what you have spent. Jumps are 33 Euro if paid in cash and if you prefer credit card the cost is +5%. We plan to make 20-25 jumps.

What do we pay for after registration?
After the registration fee is paid you only pay for your jumps directly to manifest, pack jobs are 5 Euro and settled directly with the packer. Your hotel bill is settled with the hotel that also takes cards.

Are there packers on the DZ?
Yes, there are very good staff packers on the DZ and we will also bring some of our own. We recommend that you get a pack job if you feel the need for a break and visit to the pool or just want to meet new people or hang out with your friends. Big ways are meant to be social just as much as they are for the jumping and packing for yourself can take away from the social aspect.

Are there packing areas?
Yes, there are assigned packing areas if you want to pack yourself. Please respect the packers that work for us and the area they are in.

What is the schedule of events?
TBC, but expect full long days.

What is the exit altitude?
Standard exit altitude is about 14,200 feet, but we will go higher if required. Both 16,000 and 18,000 feet will be possible exit altitudes and we will have Oxygen (O2) available for these higher exit altitudes. O2 training will be given as needed.

What is the break off altitude?
It depends on the group you’re in, how large the group is and what break off wave you’re in. This will be clearly communicated during each dirt dive.

What’s the deal with the Innhop?
If you don't know what an Innhopp is then you should consider joining for your first. The closing ceremony will be held at an unknown location and the best way to get there is by landing your parachute there. We'll make sure this is briefed appropriately.

Which group will I be in?
We will evaluate people through the summer to build the initial record team. Then we will evaluate and upgrade people during the week as we progress.

Is there a chance to change groups as the week goes on?
Most people will change groups, but the record team will have a core that stays together for most of the week.

What will the fallrate be like? Do I need lead or sleeves/drag?
Modern bigways fall faster than in the old days. We want you to dock while in the middle of your range, so bring enough lead (or drag) to make this happen. The DZ has lead to rent but might not have enough for everyone so please don’t count on renting all the lead as we are a large group of people that might require lead. Please bring your own lead and supplement with DZ lead.

Are you on Instragram?
Of course we are on Instagram. Follow PUPS_2020 for all the latest pictures and fun stuff.

Is there a pool on the dz?
Yes, a quick cool down before debrief could be refreshing. Klatovy in August could give us 35 degrees C (95 F), so a fresh pool is fantastic.

Are food and drinks available at the DZ?
All you need is on the DZ and we will take care of you. Keep energized and hydrated. Remember to use the restroom when you can, not when you need.

Are there toilets?
Yes, there are 8 fresh toilets behind manifest office and a few in the restaurant. Remember to do this in your free time, not during debrief or dirt dive.

Can we jump balloons?
Yes, we want people to have a lot of fun, and jumping from a balloon is very fun. We can’t have it interfere with the record jumps, but there is time both before and after the main event, and maybe one of the nights/mornings. They are 106 Euro per jump.

How is the landing area?
Huge. like 13 football fields + the whole landing strip. Follow the pattern and land where the pattern take you. If you land on the runway then gather you canopy and walk 90 degrees off it. Skyvans will wait until we are all on the ground, but please avoid them doing a go around.

What if I land on the far side of the runway?
Collect your gear, set your breaks and walk over to the limit of the runway. If you are unsure if the pilot has seen you sit down on one knee and wait until the aircraft taxis off the runway. Remember there might be several planes landing.

What if I land off?
Try to avoid the few bad places that will be mentioned during the briefing and try to land next to a road. You will then be picked up. Remember that some fields are corn and they could be 2.5 meters (8 feet) high. Do not land there unless you really have to. Delay your flare until you are into the corn.

What aircraft will we use?
Three Skyvans are planned. They are some of the best maintained and nicest aircraft in the world. These skyships fly for the German military and they have strict maintenance requirements.

Will there be alcohol and drinking?
Drinking alcohol is not mandatory and we ask that you behave responsibly. We are here to set records in a safe environment and everyone needs to be performing at 100% together. However, we do understand that people enjoy themselves with a few beers and drinks after a good day. This is perfectly OK, just use good judgement.

What if there’s bad weather?
The Klatovy weather in August is normally very stable. If we are on the ground we will try to fill the time with seminars and something everything can learn from. We will also have games, quizzes, and possibly karaoke. You can help us with ideas if you like. If a day is a total write off then we might go to the wind tunnel in Prague or visit nearby museums.

What types of jumps will we be doing?
Large bigways single point and full break sequential jumps. Warm up jumps and Puppies group jumps will have similarities to the record jumps.

What is the Puppies group?
These are the folks best suited to join the primary PUPS group in the event they are needed.

Will there be a PUPS 2021? Where do I register?
We hope you like it so much that you will come back next year but that will be planned in the autumn months 2020. One of our goals is to create an event that will be annual where belly flyers meet and have fun.

What if I have to do a cutaway?
Always cutaway when unsure and do it before your hard deck. There will be riggers who can pack your reserve and gear to hire if you need to. Chop and be happy about it. Did your main “spark joy”?

What are the “warm up days”?
There will be LOs available to do warm up jumps the weekend before PUPS. We also recommend that you start warming up already now so you can hit peak performance in early August.

What do we do in the evenings after jumping?
We want this event to be very social and for everyone to gain new jumping buddies and friends. We will have gatherings planned every night (except for maybe one). There are events focused on getting to know each other that we’d really like to have full participation, and other social events which are highly recommended. More info will follow.

I am afraid that I will not fit in - what should I do if I feel like I am being mistreated?
Equality is a cornerstone in PUPS and we set this standard very high. We will not tolerate any trash talk, bullying, ostracism, any racism, or any kind of harassment. If you have something bad inside you, let it out to one of the LOs. If you feel like someone is mistreating you please discuss with the LOs in private and they will address it.

How can I make sure to feel safe?
Even a small injury is one too many. Skydiving is an unsafe sport but we can all make it a little bit safer for ourselves and people around us. Bigway means a lot of canopies in the air and it requires a special humbleness and teamwork to make it safe. We will teach you and you will be watched and filmed under canopy.

What is the plan for the debriefs?
You plane captains and other resources will debrief all your jumps about 30 minutes after you land. It will be as detailed as it needs to be as this is where you learn the most. Meet on time! Without your mobile in hand and no headphones. We require your full attention.

What do I do for the dirt dives?
This will be done with jumpsuits (either fully on or draped over shoulders). It will be as detailed as it needs to be and we require your full attention. No off topic talk, no headphones, both ears and both eyes open, no phones, and no eating please. If anything is unclear during the dirt dive, we insist that you speak up and ask questions. The dirt dive is free, the skydive is not.

What if I have a medical condition or develop one during the week?
If your doctor at home thinks it is OK for you to jump, then we are as well. If you have a condition that might affect you then please tell your plane captain and/or your LO so they can work with you. If you want to stand down on a jump please tell us early before you make up your mind so we can discuss it together.

I have several jumpsuits and helmets. What colour should I use?
Use the gear you are most comfortable with. If you change colours then please tell people in the group. Dress for success, as Kate Cooper said, “No one looks stupid in a completed formation.”

Where do I manifest?
We will manifest you in the group you are in. Once you register at manifest you will be given a card. Bring this to your LO or plane captain and you are good to go.

How do I get to the DZ or hotel from the airport?
The most convenient is to rent a car together with friends. We will also be carpooling in the Facebook group, so if should be easy to find a seat if you come alone.

Can I swoop the pond on a PUPS jump?
NO! We require everyone to have full focus on the pattern and to land safely. No more than 90 degree turns while doing jumps organized by a PUPS LO.

Can I take my booties off under canopy?
NO! We require full attention to your surroundings under canopy. Please leave your booties on until you’ve landed safely and cleared your space. Removing booties is a distraction and can cause erratic flight.

Can I wear a camera on PUPS jumps?
Cameras are not allowed as we want all participants to be safe and focused on the jump at hand. Cameras can be a source of distraction and we'll have top notch videographers taking great footage of us from above and below. Ronny may explicitly grant permission to some jumpers for inside footage. If you receive permission only cameras which take high enough quality video would be allowed.

Do I sign in after a jump?
No, normally not. However, if anyone lands out we need to cross check that everyone is safe. This is done in Manifest or by your plane captain.

Is the registration fee my deposit? Is it refundable?
The registration fee is your deposit and is non-refundable but can be swapped if you/we find someone to take your place.

Errors and omissions excepted. Everything here is reported as we've been told. Be aware though that planes can break, fuel prices can go up, weather can be poor and not jumpable, balloons can be be punctured. DZOs can offer to pay for an additional plane to carry one skydiver to altitude solely to get outside video or they can change their minds. Volcanoes, earthquakes, locust swarms all happen. Organisers are not responsible for issues outside of our control.